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Friday, November 4, 2011

Expression Encoder: Lets you create amazing ScreenCasts for free

This post is to bring to you the free and easy way to create your live-broadcast. There are many software's out there to enable you to create screencasts and no doubt the most famous being Camtasia Studio for windows, it comes at a steep price however and might not fit many screencasters budgets. Some good news for people who are screencasting enthusiasts. If you wondering what a screencast is, here is a brief overview.

A screencast is a digitial recording of your computer screen output. This is good for people who like to create video tutorials and share the same on popular video sharing sites like YouTube. This will allow you to create your free home video recording of your computer screen. With it you can add movies, images, sounds, your voice and the possibilities are endless. 

Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 which comes with a free service pack (SP2). Now has a few upgrades. To start with it's free to download and use. You can now recorder screencasts that are longer than 10 minutes. You can record your video and add a voice overlay later. You can record from your screen while your webcam and voice all recording at the same time. Once your video has been recorded you can then publish them in high-quality formats.

Other features with Expression Encoder is the ability to hide your mouse cursor, the ability to change frame rates for smoother recordings, you can add your logo to the video and there is a built-in editor to help you produce an amazing video. They also have a community and forums to help you get started. If you are not a techi type of person you might need a little help to get things going. Browse through the forums to learn more before you start your screenCasts.

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