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Thursday, May 27, 2010

How to clean the iPad

One of the side effects of the iPad overuse seems to be greasy smudges and fingerprints according to many reports. Especially if a lot of people want to touch your iPad and run their fingers all over the screen. iPad owners have reported that one of the side effects in having to use the iPad constantly is that a lot of grease developers because of the sweat on the screen.

The phenomenal gadget is grease and smudge prone. Creative users have started showing off their smudge designs on the iPad. Of all the uses Steve Jobs thought off this was probably not one of them.  The WSJ also has a video on the same, which we have attached.

Apple says the iPad has the same fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating as the iPhone. Nevertheless there is smudging and well some users think it's good as it let's them slide over the scree much more easily.

Apple on the other hand recommends iKlear a non-toxic liquid cleaner, which its manufacturer Meridrew Enterprises says Apple uses on its own production lines. The Danville, Calif., company sells it in a package with a washable antibacterial microfiber cloth.

"Our stuff can't be absorbed by the skin. Even if you're handling it all day long, it doesn't dry out your skin," says John Younghein, president of the company, adding that it's so safe "you can drink it and brush your teeth with it." Since the iPad launched, sales of Meridrew's largest iKlear kit for $29.95 have doubled, he adds.

Mr. Younghein says Meridrew developed the cloth two years ago originally for the iPhone at the request of Apple, because the company was worried about people holding the phone close to their faces after touching cab doors, elevator buttons and other places where germs could be lurking.

Source [ WSJ ]

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