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Friday, November 11, 2011

Storify: Will let you create your own social media story and share with the world

Storify the storytelling web app that lets you tell your social web story and content curate stories that matter to you. Once you start telling your story it can then be shared with other users who in turn can share it with their friends. The good thing about a tool like this is your story can be ongoing and you can update as fast or as slow as is needed. So if you are telling the #occupywallstreet story you can curate all the info and news and build you story-line which gives you a chance to share your vital knowledge with others. Content curation is the big thing and most news now happens on the social web. A lot of important news is now broken by every day users on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter which makes sense that everyone with something to say can use Storify to say it.  

The homepage of Storify is filled with stories by it's users and you are sure to find interesting happenings from the world of the social web. 

How does Storify work

1. Click on create a story

2. Add a headline

3. Enter discription

4. Use the buttons on the side to drag real-time news headlines, images, videos to add to your story.

5. Publish.

All your favorite social media sites are available for you to pull content from and start curating your story. You can add tweets from Twitter, videos from YouTube and pull stuff from anywhere off the web. From Google from your RSS reader. All-in-all a great content curation tool that let's you tell a story. 

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