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Saturday, May 4, 2013

YouTube vs Tv - Who Wins?

Eric Schmidt - Google's Executive Chairman says that there is no more argument anymore. YouTube wins, TV is over the future is already here. Speaking at a gathering of advertising executives Eric Schmidt has made it clear that Internet Video is not a rival anymore - TV is over. YouTube has become so popular that it receives over 1 billion visitors every month. There is now an entire younger generation that has become used to amateur video shot by people like themselves from around the world. It is not a one-way street, YouTube is interactive and therefore more appealing to a younger audience.

TV vs YouTube - YouTube WinsOnly Google and Facebook gets more online visitors that YouTube. The Video sharing site has grown phenomenally and has surpassed all expectations. In the US more 18 - 34 year-olds watch YouTube more than any other cable network. This shows the shift of people watching and enjoying both amateur and professional broadcasts on YouTube. Eric Schmidt did not even argue that YouTube was a competitor to TV, but clearly stated that TV was over, YouTube had taken over and the future is now. In the battle of TV vs YouTube - YouTube has already won.

Source: Telegraph