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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Justin Bieber blacklisted by Twitter?

Will Twitter's awful decision cost them. Everyone who looks at the worldwide trends every day on Twitter has to know the name of Justin Bieber. The 16 year old entertainer is always Trending on Twitter. Easter morning saw something different on the Twitter landscape. Bieber was not on the trending topics,  apparently being taken down by Twitter, because a few Twitter business people did not like it. Beliebers were not to be taken down that easily though. "Beliebers" was the new trending topic a combo of Bieber and those who believe in him.

So why has Twitter started playing big bully. Does the site really have to bow to pressure. Twitter is about what people are talking about right now and Teens are talking about their favorite Idol Justine. Will Bieber ever be back on the trending topics again. It will happen but his name for now has been blacklisted by Twitter. 

Wrong decision since it he should not be blamed for something he did not even start. 

Twitter trending topics that emerged and soon taken down were

- #letbiebertrend
- #Beliebers
- #letjbtrend

Twitter does not even have a hint of Justine Bieber on the trending topics anymore.

What do you think. Is Twitter's decision right.

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