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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Best Adsense Plugin for WordPress

The best Adsense Plugin for WordPress that we recommend has all the features for someone with little or no technical knowledge. That is - you don't need to know any coding language and PHP nad all the rest of it. Simply install the plugin into your WordPress blog and let it work its magic. Monetizing a blog or a website can be pretty difficult. You would need to constantly play around with the various placements options available. You would also need to try different ad seizes to see which suit your blog or site the best. If you are new to this and are reading about Adsense for the first time. Adsense is a monetization platform brought to you by Google, that lets you place ad on your blog or site. When someone clicks on it you get paid - the amount you get paid will depend on the number of ad-views and number of clicks. So the more number of times your ads are displayed, the more clicks you are bound to receive which will in turn increase your earnings.

So if you have a blog and are looking for the right Adsense plugin - we recommend Quick Adsense

Quick Adsense Settings
best wordpress adsense pluginOnce you install Quick Adsense you have a whole lot of various options available to you.
1. You can place Ads anywhere in your content.
2. Top of content, middle or end of post.
3. You can also place ads below pictures.

All you need to do is to place your Adsense codes and choose which ads will be displayed where. You can then begin to experiment with ad placement and see which brings you the better conversion rates. Adsense takes a little time and lots of tweaking before you can get it right. This plugin is just the one you need - no hassles and you can get started immediately.

Try the Quick Adsense Plugin now

The best WordPress content plugins to showcase your blog

If you have a blog and have visitors coming and reading and enjoying your content. It is in your best interest to keep visitors at your site with a WordPress content plugin. The best way to do this is to show them related content. Your blog might be many levels deep and content might actually get hidden and never see the light of day. To showcase your best content in relation to freshness and accuracy, we recommend a WordPress plugin that easy to install and we have had the best experience with so far. The plugin is called, YARPP - Yet another related post plugin, this plugin has an amazing way of matching the best content and displaying the same at the bottom of your posts. You can either display your posts as Text Links , Thumbnails or customize it even further with YARPP free templates.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Options

best WordPress related content pluginOnce you install the plugin in to your WordPress blog - there are a number of options for you to choose from. You can display related posts on pages, posts, media and archives. Choose the number of posts to display and also choose if you want an excerpt to displayed. An excerpt will be the first 10 words from your blog post. You can also choose the number of words you would like displayed. Our experience with this plugin has been the best so far. Both in terms of accuracy of related posts and freshness. The plugin also gives you the option to choose the freshness of your related posts being displayed. So if you have evergreen content and would like your older posts to get prominence. Adjust your settings to display your older posts first and vice versa.

Showcasing content is very important and for WordPress you need a plugin that does not slow down your sight and integrates seamlessly. YARPP is an amazing plugin for that and we highly recommend it.

Try YARPP - Yet another related post plugin on your blog here.

Friday, March 1, 2013

WordPress Plugin to remove date from Google Search Results

This is one useful plugin for WordPress Blogs that have been around for sometime. Bloggers have something called evergreen content - so content and pages that appears on Google Search results even after a few years of being published. Might still be relevant and useful. There seems to be one small problem however - users might feel the need to click on something more recent however. So how do Google Search users know what is most relevant?. The answer is very simply below each search result Google shows the date of publication.

So content that might show up even after two or three years, although still useful and relevant might get ignored by users. This seems to be one of the problems for large blogs that might have suffered from Panda and Penguin updates. Panda and Penguin are Google programs that either push a blog or website further up search results and also does the opposite. Penalizes blogs and websites bringing down their traffic by about 40%. There are a lot of blogs and websites out there that have been penalized and have suffered.

If you see the usefulness of now wanting a time stamp to appear with your page showing up on Google. There is a quick WordPress plugin to help you do just that. Once installed it will remove the date that appears alongside your indexed pages on Google search results.

How to exclude date from google search results: Plugin for wordpressHow to Install the Date Exclusion SEO Plugin
1. Please follow this link to install and plugin
2. These are the settings we choose for the plugin

You can also set the number of days before the date inclusion expires. We choose 60 and once 60 days are over the results will not show-up with the date. So there you have it - a plugin to help your WordPress blog SEO and help you recover from Google's Panda and Penguin.

Try the Date Exclusion Plugin for WordPress here