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Thursday, August 4, 2011

What is Yahoo! Search BOSS and how does it work

Yahoo1 Search Boss (Build Your Own Search Service) allows small business owners and people interested in building their own search service. For a small fee you can now build your own search data and allow users to search the same. BOSS now also has integrated a new feature to search blogs. Develops can now get the APIs for the blog index and build on it. The service also allows developers to apply for ads using the Yahoo network and make money from the same. Developers start-ups and large scale internet companies can build on the Yahoo index and build a relevant search experience to their industries, customers or users. 

Building a search service for your site or company can have it's benefits. Developers have the luxury of indexing only material that they want and relevance becomes a factor. Users can have more access to the information they are looking for and companies can make their information available in a manner that suits their style and functioning. 

Yahoo BOSS says that they are offering develops technology of internet scale that handles millions of queries a day. BOSS is different in that it is a set of open API's with as few rules and limitations as possible. Developers and start-ups now have the technology and infrastructure to build enhanced search solutions that can compete head-to-head with the principals in the search industry. This is Yahoo search opening up its search platform to developers.  To know more please click here.

Here is an example from search monkey that users yahoo BOSS

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