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Monday, April 5, 2010

300,000 iPads sold on the first day and who bought them

Apple announced that 300,000 devices were sold on the first day a figure which included preorders. Meeting the expectations of financial analysts who were keeping a track on tabs on the company's highly anticipated tablet computer. With Apple CE Steve Jobs saying "It feels great to have the iPad launched into the world".

Now you may be wondering who bought these devices. The version that went on sale on Saturday can connect to the internet only via a Wi-Fi connection. The question is how many people are committing to buy only when the 3G version is released.

According to a survey by Piper Jaffray he breaks down the iPad buyers into these categories listed below.

  • 74% were Mac users (26% owned another kind of PC). 96% planned to continue using their computers.

  • 66% owned iPhones. Only four or five respondents (1%) thought they could replace their iPhone with an iPad.

  • 13% owned Amazon (AMZN) Kindles and 58% of those planned to replace it with the iPad.

  • The $499 16GB iPad was the most popular (39%) followed by the 32 GB (32%) and 64GB (28%). When the iPhone first launched, only 5% bought the low-end 4GB model.

  • 74% planned to use their iPads to surf the Web; 38% to read books; 32% to e-mail; 26% to watch video; 18% to play games and other apps; 8% to listen to music.

  • 78% said they didn't consider any other gadget before buying an iPad. 10% were thinking about buying a Kindle, 6% a netbook, 4% a laptop, 1% an iPhone, 1% an iPod touch.

Apps for the iPad are one of the major factors that has boosted sales and keep it alive. App are now available for just about anything. With new ones being added everyday.

Apple also said iPad users had downloaded more than one million apps from the company’s App Store and more than 250,000 electronic books from its iBookstore on Saturday. Some of the most popular applications include a word processing application made by Apple called Pages, an air-traffic control game called Flight Control, andNational Public Radio’s application.

Photo by Jim Wilson/NY Times

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Videos: Collection of videos on the iPad release

Massachusetts Apple Store opens to iPad customers
The Apple Store in Holyoke, Mass., greets iPad customers.

Apple iPad hits stores in the US

 Lines formed outside the Apple store in New York with customers eager to purchase the product, which is one of the most hotly anticipated devices since the iPhone was launched in 2007.

iPad launch

Apple fans camp out at Apple Stores in Pasadena and at the Grove in Los Angeles. The occasion? Apple will release the iPad, its new tablet computer.

Apple's iPad Hits Hub Store Shelves

Apple's iPad Hits Hub Store Shelves

Apple iPad Store Introduction and Official Release at Carlsbad (San Diego)

Here's the official opening of the Apple Store Carlsbad on Saturday April 3rd for the new Apple iPad. The store, along with hundreds of other Apple stores throughout the U.S. opened at 9am this morning to hordes of customers all lined up for the opportunity to purchase the revolutionary Apple iPad.

The first person in the iPad line

 New York, Apple Store Fifth Avenue questions: Zuzana Kaprinay 

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Video: The iPad is Here

People waiting to get their iPad started camping outside from Thursday 11:30 pm. One serious fan from Germany flew in the buy the iPad because he could not wait till the end of April when the iPad debuts in Germany. Greg Parker was in front of the line at the Apple store on 5th Avenue, No 1 in the line and started standing there on Tuesday 11 am. People started coming and standing behind him only on Thursday 11:30. The iPad fever is griping people and fans of Apple.

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