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Sunday, May 9, 2010

iPad's cannibalization of the Netbook market.

With all the predictions that abounded in regards to the iPad. No one guessed that the iPad could grow to become a Netbook killer. Netbooks known for their affordability and easy net access combined with the ability to easily work on Word and Spreadsheets seemed that they could not be touched. The iPad on the other hand is fine if you want to sit and catch up on email in between sharing photos with your friends and watching a TV show.

The Netbook was more for work and the iPad seemed more for after work. But this is all set to change. With it's ability to run only one application at a time and all it's drawbacks the iPad is taking over or at least this is what is seen from graphs released  by Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty.

It seems that the iPad is doing to the Netbook what the Netbook did to the laptop. The iPad is easy to carry around especially for business travelers and if your work involves mainly catching up on email then this is the preferred device.

Check out the stats for the graph below. 

Does this mean that the iPad is all set to cannibalize the Netbook market?

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