Monday, November 23, 2009

Linkedin and its Widgets and APIs

Linkedin like Facebook has expanded its platform to allow developers to Create APIs and widgets that can be used on Linkedin itself or on other websites. They plan to do a one-up on Facebbok connect. Faceboook connect is the leader in social sharing and connects people across websites with FB connect. Which has established itself as the platform of choice for website owners to use the share button and other widgets and gadgets that can be built and used for free.

Linkedin now wants to become the professional social connector by offering the APIs and Widgets that you can build and use. If you would like to access the developer platform on Linkedin click here.

Its interesting because I am sure this will be used a lot by recruiters and professional networks to keep in touch with their respective clients. This will help because it is already branded as a Professional Networking Site and people coming across these gadgets already have some preconceived ideas as to what to expect. There will have to be a touch of what it stands for to become a success.

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