Friday, January 15, 2010

Teen gets grounded, starts Facebook group to get ungrounded, group membes tell her to stay grounded will do you good.

The Facebook group "1000 to get tess ungrounded" has now crossed the 1000 mark. The story so far. A teen goes out to a party gets drunk and misses her 11:30 deadline by an hour. Get's punished by her parents and is grounded for 5 weeks. Tess Chapman a starts a Facebook group to help her get ungrounded.

This is what she had to say on her group homepage 


so basically i was grounded for 5 weeks for a MISTAKE that i didnt fully know the outcome of. my parents flipped sh** and grounded me for 5 WEEKS. thats my childhood right there. please join so i can convice them to unground me. please please please. you guys all know what its like to be a teenager with (sometimes) difficult parents, so lets ban together as teenagers and proove something to my parents, there are actin a fool.

The surprising thing is that most people on the group agree that the punishment is good and she needs to go through it. Many are also surprised that she has access to a pc, internet and laptop. Talk about being grounded electronic style

So now everybody wants to know the magic answer. The group has crossed 1000 and as of writing this the number stands at 1,112. But think about it, her parents must be concerned over her future and now some popularity thing over Facebook. We think the answer will be no and the punishment will stand. 

Story first appeared in the New York Times.... Click here to read

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  1. My son was grounded for a similar first offense years ago. I'll never regret that I reacted so seriously. He "towed the line" thereafter, got straight A's in high school and college and just opened his first restaurant. I think the fact that he knew I was adamant that he avoid the alcohol trap that he succeeded.

  2. 100% with you on that. Parents correct their children because they want to see them make something of themselves.