Monday, February 8, 2010

Google to bring social networking to Gmail, will challenge Facebook and Twitter

Google will hold a press conference in their Mountain View Calif, headquarters today to show of the new features they have incorporated into Gmail. That's right folks Google would like to add social sharing utilities to Gmail. As on Facebook who encourages members to share pics. videos and social updates via their site. Gmail will now allow you to do the same.

Once a user adds their profile information on Gmail, they can there share their pictures and videos right from Gmail and they will also be allowed to add status updates. The Idea is that you can share information with your contacts right from your mail account. Since all you friends are already on your contact list.

You can share your videos fro YouTube and pics from Picasa.

Just a week after Facebook announced their new design Google has announced the adding of social utilities to Gmail. Gmail will now bring the competition to Facebook and Twitter.

So are you ready to join the email social networking revolution?
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