Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How to track your favorite Facebook and Twitter updates for free via email.

You know how you want to keep a track of your favorite page or Titter person you like to follow but it all somehow seems to get caught in all the updates on your news feed or public time line. Well this can be managed for free with a single email update. So this is fantastic if you are unable to access Facebook and Twitter from your workplace. You can now access and folloow Twitter and Facebook via a single email and it is all for free

What it does is let's you select what updated you would like to receive and sends you an email with your favorite updates. The striking feature of this is you will then be able to comment or reply right there from your inbox. So be careful when you select which updated you would like to see as sending you complete information from your Facebook news feed or Twitter timeline can be pretty heavy in terms of bytes.

If you would like to browse the complete list of Facebook pages use their directory at www.facebook.com/pages

Here is a special from them for owners of Facebook pages.

NutshellMail for Pages & Networks

Facebook Page owners, increase your Fans' engagement with a free email newsletter for your Pages.
No extra work -- put your existing wall content in email newsletters delivered when your users want them.
Check out our 1-minute, 4-step guide to add a
free email newsletter for Facebook Pages.

Ning Network Administrators and Creators, encourage more interaction on your Network with a free email newsletter.
Put the existing content from your Network in your users' inbox automatically, with no extra work.
Check out our 1-minute, 4-step guide to add a
free email newsletter for Ning Networks.

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