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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to upload and share images on Twitter

Twitter let's you now share images and you can also add an image to your Tweet. This is an enhancement to the services as previously you would need to use third part sites like Twitpic. Sharing an image is also simple all you need to do is to click the camera icon before you send you tweet add an image and click update. The image will appear as a thumbnail or a link (in some browsers) which your followers can then open. By simple clicking inside your Tweet Box on your homepage on the new Tweet button. Two small icons will appear one is a compass too add your location and the other is a camera icon for uploading a photo, image  or picture. The image can have a maximum size of 3 MB and it is scaled to fit on the right side of your Twitter timeline. The images are hosted on Photobucket

How to upload an image on Twitter
1. Login to Twitter
2. Click inside your Tweet Box
3. Click the camera icon
4. You will get an image prompt to help you locate the file you want to upload.
5. Upload your image once it is done the camera icon turns to blue

6. Your image link will take up some characters out of the 140. So make sure you leave some place for the image before you upload.

How to delete an image
If you uploaded an image and are not happy and would like to delete it all you need to do is the click on the 9x0 mark that appears on the image itself.

Source: Twitter Support

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Friday, June 4, 2010

What happens when I protect my profile on Twitter and make it private

Twitter as you know is a very public thing. If on the other hand you find it a little weird to have strangers following you and reading your tweets. You can create a protected account.

To protect your account.

1. Login to Twitter

2. Click on Settings

3. Scroll down and check the box besides "Protect my updates"

4. Save Changes

What happens once I protect my updates.

1. Your Tweets do not appear on the Twitter public timeline

2. Your Tweets are not indexed by search engines.

3. Your Name still appears on Twitter's people search. You will receive a follow request each time someone wants to follow you. Only by allowing someone to follow you will they be able to see your Tweets.

4. When you follow someone you can see their tweets on your public Timeline but they will not be able to see your Tweets.

5. @relies sent to people following you will not be seen

6. If you already have a public twitter account but want to protect it. All updates after that will not be seen. Your profile will be still visible to approved followers.

7. People who want to follow you can send a request which you would need to approve before they can start following you. Till suck time whenever that person visits your Twitter profile. They will see the message "You've requested to follow this person. Remove?" untill you take action

8. You cannot share static page URL's with non-followers. Click here for an example.

If you have any further questions or feedback please use our comments section. 

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

What's the Difference between DMs and @Replies on Twitter

On Twitter there are two ways you can communicate with people.

1. Direct Message or DM
2. @Reply

Whats the difference between the two.

You can direct message someone on Twitter only if both of you are connected. So if both of you follow each other, you can send the other person a direct message. Many people choose to follow famous people like celebrities or companies or some famous news guy. when you follow someone who has a large Twitter following and that someone does not know you. He or She might not follow you back and therefore you will not be able to send them a DM.

You on the other hand still want to leave that person a message. That is where the @relies come into the picture.

If you would like to leave someone a message all you need to do is type the "@" symbol followed by the person's username and type your message. This message does not get delivered into the person's inbox but get's posted to the live Twitter feed. When that person checks his "@username" the person will be able to see your message and may choose to reply to you.

So if you want to see messages people have left for you on Twitter. Click on the link just below your "Home" button which will look like "@Your Username" to find messages left for you.

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Friday, April 30, 2010

How to find people on Twitter

There are a number of ways for you to find people on Twitter. The most common being Twitter People Search.Once you login you can use this feature. You can also use Twitter Search, or you could use Twitter Address Book import.

If you know the user name of the person you want to find you can navigate directly to the person profile using the URL. It would look something like this http://twitter.com/username. So if you want to find us on Twitter all you would need to do would be to use our username which is "Sociolatte" in the URL. http://twitter.com/sociolatte.

1. Twitter People Search. To use people search on Twitter you would need to click on the 'Find People' link on the top navigation bar. If you do not find what you looking for you can use the options on the side bar to dig deeper.

2. Twitter Search. Twitter search is a little different from Twitter People Search. Using Twitter search let's you find people mostly by interest. So you can use this feature to find people by keywords locations, interests and more. So if your looking for what people are saying about the latest movie in town or current celebrity gossip then this is the place to search for it. You can also use location based search to find people tweeting near your geographical location. 'locationn:cityname'.

The results that come up can be translated into English and you can even tweet these results. To dig deeper simply use http://search.twitter.com/advanced.

3. Find friends and colleagues from other networks on Twitter. Twitter can check you address books to see if any of your contacts are currently on Twitter. You can access your Gmail, Yahoo and AOL to see if any of your contacts are on Twitter. Once you find who your looking for you can choose to follow them or simply follow one of them.

To import an address book simply click on the 'Find People' link on the top navigation bar. Click on the 'Find Friends' tab as shown below. So if you have a Gmail, Yahoo or AOL address. You address would already be pre-filled and the right tab selected. If it is not but you want to search one of these email addresses that belong to you. Simply fill in the required details. Fill in your email ID and password to begin the address book import.

Once your search is complete you can choose to follow all your contacts using the 'Follow All' button or follow individually by clicking the grey 'Follow' button that appears beside your contacts name and info.

If you click 'Follow All' and then decide you would like to stop following some people you would need to do that manually later. By 'unfollow' button beside that contacts name and info.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How to track your favorite Facebook and Twitter updates for free via email.

You know how you want to keep a track of your favorite page or Titter person you like to follow but it all somehow seems to get caught in all the updates on your news feed or public time line. Well this can be managed for free with a single email update. So this is fantastic if you are unable to access Facebook and Twitter from your workplace. You can now access and folloow Twitter and Facebook via a single email and it is all for free

What it does is let's you select what updated you would like to receive and sends you an email with your favorite updates. The striking feature of this is you will then be able to comment or reply right there from your inbox. So be careful when you select which updated you would like to see as sending you complete information from your Facebook news feed or Twitter timeline can be pretty heavy in terms of bytes.

If you would like to browse the complete list of Facebook pages use their directory at www.facebook.com/pages

Here is a special from them for owners of Facebook pages.

NutshellMail for Pages & Networks

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Ning Network Administrators and Creators, encourage more interaction on your Network with a free email newsletter.
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