Saturday, March 6, 2010

How To import Facebook contacts to Yahoo Mail

In addition to the option of importing your contacts for Gmail and Windows Live Hotmail users on Yahoo Mail can now import their contacts from Facebook. All Yahoo services can use this feature so If you are on Yahoo Sports and would like to share something with an old high school buddy you can do that easily with your old school contacts imported from Facebook. 

How to import your Facebook contacts to Yahoo Mail

Just go to the import contacts in Yahoo Mail and select Facebook. In addition to importing contacts from Facebook you can now also import contacts from other services. 

Yahoo seems to becoming nice to all Social Networking sites on the web.

Screenshots on how to import contacts are added below

facebook 2

Next, enter your Facebook username and password in the Facebook login window that opens.


After you click login, we will authorize your account and begin importing, which may take a minute or two depending on your Internet speed and how many Facebook friends you have.


That’s it! Your Facebook friends’ email addresses will be added to your Yahoo! Contacts. You will see which contacts and email addresses were imported and who you already had contact information for (don’t worry, we won’t create duplicates).


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