Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to hide News Feed updates, applications and stories in Facebook

Well you want to stop all those annoying stories from appearing on your News Feed in Facebook. You joined a quiz and up comes all those annoying updates, or maybe you want your daily horoscope but everyday it pops up on your News Feed. All your friends get to see it and it starts to get annoying. An application also keeps updating all recent activity. There are simple and easy steps to get rid of it and be done with it.

Maybe it's one of your friends who cannot stop updating their stories on Facebook and you have had enough. You do not want these constant updated and would rather stop it. You still want your friend but not their constant updated. Well here goes. The process is simply to stop all this and continue your Facebook experience.

1. Login to Facebook
2. Hover over the updated or story you would like to stop from appearing on your News Feed
3. As you hover a "Hide" button will appear
4. If you want to stop seeing a friends update. Once you click on hide a further button appears. Asking you if you would like to "Hide Friends Name" click yes if you want to or no to cancel and continue seeing their updates.
5. If it is from an application like a game or a quiz. Once you click the hide button a further button appears asking if you would like to "Hide Application Name" click yes to hide and no to continue receiving the updates.
6. Your Done.

This will help you decide which updates, applications and stories you would like to stop appearing on your New Feed.

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