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Saturday, November 24, 2012

PrivacyFix: Fixes your Online Privacy Settings

There are many sites you use everyday and social sites like Facebook and Gmail collect and have with them a lot of your data. This data can be from the sites you visit, your online shopping habits and a host of other information that you might not be aware about. In addition to this Facebook keeps making a log of changes to their privacy policies. It is therefore important for you to be able to keep a tab and be on top of it all. You might not even be aware where you need to go on these sites to fix your privacy settings. PrivacyFix is an online add-on available for Chrome and FireFox that helps you get the job done.

online privacyOnce you add PrivacyFix to Chrome or FireFox you will need to click on run PrivacyFix setup on the site. One the app is setup it will then run a check on your privacy settings on Facebook and Google and guide you through all your default settings. If there is anything you want to fix simply click on the fix icon. It is a simple app and even if you have no use for it right now you will be made aware of your auto-settings, which you can then tune if you want.

PrivacyFix for Chrome and FireFox

Now that PrivacyFix has been discontinued, find a helpful guide here on how to fix your online Privacy.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Facebook Privacy Settings How To Guide

There are many ways to share on Facebook, it being the social tool that it is. By default many of the things you can share are set to share with everyone and all your friends. This is also recommended by Facebook to enable your real world friends to find and interact with you.

To find these settings is pretty easy, especially after Facebook simplified the sharing settings. To adjust these settings simple go to.

1. Account ( Top Right Hand Corner)

2. Privacy Settings

And you are presented with your privacy options for sharing and be default it is set to Recommended. This is all your information and sharing settings.

The Left hand toolbar has 5 options. Everyone, Friends of Friends, Friends Only, Recommended and Custom. The recommended option is how Facebook thinks the settings should be set. You of course can set it to whatever you want. To customize and change these settings all you need to do is to click on "Customize Settings". Once you click on this option you can customize it further to "Only Me" and "Specific People". This option will allow you to share with only specific people. 

To get used to these settings it is recommended that you play around a bit and get a feel of it. 

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Monday, May 24, 2010

How to block someone on Facebook

If you want to block someone on Facebook all ties you have with that person will be broken. They will not be able to contact you neither will they be able to find you on search. All friendships and relationships you have with that person will be broken. This will not apply to third party applications. So if both of you play the same game on Facebook you might still see each other as neighbors. So you will need to delete them from there too.

Here's how to block someone on Facebook

1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on Account (Top right hand corner)
3. Click on Privacy Settings
4. Click on Block Lists (Last link on the page) 
5. Start by entering the name of the person you wish to block. Click on block for a list of people to come up. Sort through the names if you have a large list of people and click "Block" next to their name. Unlike other applications on Facebook that automatically fill in people's names. Here you would need to type the name click block and there is a list of names thrown at you. Here you need to choose the person you wish to block and click the block button beside their name.

6. If you know the email ID if the person you wish to block you could also search through mail ID. simply add the mail ID and click block.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

How to adjust Activities settings on Facebook

You know how your activities on Facebook keep popping up on your wall and the News Feed of your friends. Telling people which group you joined, which page you like, who your friends with now. Well Facebook does offer customization options and you can actually choose who get to see you activities on fb. You can choose to share with friends, friends of friends, specific people or the 'only me' option.

To Adjust your activity settings

1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on Account (Top right hand corner)
3. Click on Privacy Settings
4. Click on Customize Settings
5. Click on the link " Friends, Tags and Connections"
6. Find "Activities" and use the button with the downward pointing arrow next to it

When you click the button beside "Activities" you get the following options to choose from.
a. Everyone. Anyone on Facebook can find you activities
b. Friends of Friends. All your friends connections get to see you activities
c. Friends Only. Only you friends, contacts and connections
d. Customize. When you click on customize you get two further options. 

Make this visible to: Here can can choose the option "Only Me" and only you will get to see your activities. You can also choose " These People" and start by entering their names. Once you have entered all their name click the "Save" button and you done

Hide this from: If there are certain people you would like to hide your activities from then start by entering their names and once you done click the "Save" button and you activities will be hidden from the specific people you choose. 

 Please leave feedback in the comments section. 

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Facebook: How to adjust settings for Photos and Videos you get Tagged in.

You and your friends have just come back from a vacation and you know the new cliche. "What happens on vacation stays on Facebook". Somehow all those wonderful videos and photos find their way to Facebook. You  might not be the one to put it up by some over enthusiastic individual might do so and tag you in a photo and video.

When you get tagged in a photo and video somehow the share button will spread the news. By default though you privacy is set to only me. You can also remove a tag anytime you find yourself in a photo or video by clicking the "Remove Tag" link below the post.

To Adjust your privacy settings for Photos and Videos of me this is what you would need to do.

1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on Account (Top right hand corner)
3. Click on Privacy Settings
4. Click on customize Settings
5. Click on the link "Friends, Tags and Connections"
6. Find the link which says "Photos and Videos of me" and click the button "Only Me" with the drop down arrow.

From the drop down arrow button you can choose who gets to see photos and videos you get tagged in.

a. Only Me. Whenever someone tags you in a photo or video only you get to see it
b. Everyone. All your friends get to see it
c. Friends of Friends. This will allow your friends and their friends to see it
d. Friends Only. Only your friends can see the tagged photos and videos
e. Customize. When you choose this option you have two further choices. Choose only a limited number of people to view your tagged photos and videos or choose to hide this from certain people. To hide it from certain people start by entering their name and click save once your done. So if you choose the "Make this visible to" option and then click on "Specific people" you can start by entering their name and by default their name will appear. You can choose to enter any number of names from your friends list and only they will be able to see the photos and videos you have been tagged in. 

You can also choose the "Only Me" option to make sure photos and videos tagged to you are visible to you only. You can later choose to allow others to see it. This is an important step and you should decide early if you want to use it. It just might save you a lot of headache in the future. 

This is a great options from group sharing and keeping those photos and videos only among a certain number of people. This options allows you to share those tagged photos and videos in private. 

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Facebook Photo and Album Settings

With the new privacy settings Facebook now by default shows your photos and albums to friends of friends. When users upload photos it is usually for friends but Facebook would like you to share after all it is a social network. To change these settings you would need to physically need to login to Facebook and manually choose the settings you desire.

How to adjust Facebook photo and album settings

1. Login to Facebook

2. Click on Privacy Settings
3. Click on Customize Settings

4. Click on Personal Information and Posts

5. Click the "Edit Settings" button beside "Photo Albums"

6. Click the small Arrow mark on the settings bar

7. The options that appear are (Everyone, Friends of Friends, Only friends and customize)

8. Choose the option that best suits your privacy concern.

The customize option helps you take your privacy to the next level.

When you click the customize option you can choose to show your photos to

a. Only Friends

b. Friends of Friends

c. Specific People

d. Only Me. So if you do not want to share you photos with anyone and you would like to be the only person who would like to view it then this option is for you.

There is one more further option to hide your photos from certain people. In the box provided start typing the name of the person you would like to hide your photos from and you can add names or lists and those people or list selected will not be able to view your photos and albums.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Facebook Applications and Websites Settings

Facebook has taken a considerable backlash this week in regards to it's latest privacy settings. It goes something like this. Facebook has decided to share your info on partner websites Microsoft, pandora and Yelp. Taking this liberty on themselves they have shipped user information to these sites so when you arrive on any of these websites you are provided with a personal experience.

Yes, this might work for some but not everyone is happy with this arrangement. without checking with people first Facebook has been sharing users info with other websites. For those who are pleased this does not prove a problem but for the rest this seems to have become a huge issue.

Since no website actually has the liberty to share anything about anybody without first getting their approval. Whatever be the case please find below instructions on how to correct this.

How to adjust Facebook Applications and Websites settings.

1. login to Faceok

2. Click on Account

3. Click on Privacy Settings

4. Click on Applications and websites

    (Control what information is available to Facebook-enhanced applications and websites)

5.Click on the edit button beside Instant Personalization Pilot Program
     (Control how select partners can personalize their features with my public information when I first arrive on their              websites)

6. Uncheck the box above the statement that appears below

Allow select partners to instantly personalize their features with my public information when I first arrive on their websites.

Please keep in mind that if you opt out, your friends may still share public Facebook information about you to personalize their experience on these partner sites unless you block the application.

Another way to do this is when you arrive at a Facebook partner website there is a notifications on the top right hand corner of the website. Informing you that you have arrived at a Facebook partner website by click on this notification you can opt-out by clicking 'No Thanks' on the blue Facebook notification on the top of a partner site.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to hide News Feed updates, applications and stories in Facebook

Well you want to stop all those annoying stories from appearing on your News Feed in Facebook. You joined a quiz and up comes all those annoying updates, or maybe you want your daily horoscope but everyday it pops up on your News Feed. All your friends get to see it and it starts to get annoying. An application also keeps updating all recent activity. There are simple and easy steps to get rid of it and be done with it.

Maybe it's one of your friends who cannot stop updating their stories on Facebook and you have had enough. You do not want these constant updated and would rather stop it. You still want your friend but not their constant updated. Well here goes. The process is simply to stop all this and continue your Facebook experience.

1. Login to Facebook
2. Hover over the updated or story you would like to stop from appearing on your News Feed
3. As you hover a "Hide" button will appear
4. If you want to stop seeing a friends update. Once you click on hide a further button appears. Asking you if you would like to "Hide Friends Name" click yes if you want to or no to cancel and continue seeing their updates.
5. If it is from an application like a game or a quiz. Once you click the hide button a further button appears asking if you would like to "Hide Application Name" click yes to hide and no to continue receiving the updates.
6. Your Done.

This will help you decide which updates, applications and stories you would like to stop appearing on your New Feed.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to block someone on Facebook

How to block someone on Facebook. You know those types someone who you find very annoying and don't want them constantly on your profile. Maybe it's you Ex as is most usually the case. Blocking someone is mutual and both parties will become invisible to each other.

To Block Someone

1. Login to Facebook

2. Click on "Account"

3. Click on "Privacy Settings"

4. Click on "Block List"

Block List

Control who can interact with you on Facebook

5. You have two options either enter the person's name or the person's email. Once their full name appears click on block
6. Your Done

There are three ways to block someone:

Go to the Privacy Settings page and click "Block List." Enter the name or email address of the person you want to block in the appropriate field and click "Block."

If you cannot find someone using the Person search field, try going to their profile page. You can block them by navigating to the "Report/Block this Person" link at the bottom of their profile page. Once you click this link, check the "Block this person" box and then click "Submit."

Lastly, please note that you can block someone through the "Report" link located next to messages in your Inbox.

People will not be notified when you block them. If you are unable to block someone using any of the methods listed above, it is possible that they have left Facebook or have restricted their privacy settings. 

If you cannot block someone and would like to prevent them from viewing your profile, you can adjust your Privacy Settings accordingly. 

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