Sunday, May 23, 2010

How to adjust Activities settings on Facebook

You know how your activities on Facebook keep popping up on your wall and the News Feed of your friends. Telling people which group you joined, which page you like, who your friends with now. Well Facebook does offer customization options and you can actually choose who get to see you activities on fb. You can choose to share with friends, friends of friends, specific people or the 'only me' option.

To Adjust your activity settings

1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on Account (Top right hand corner)
3. Click on Privacy Settings
4. Click on Customize Settings
5. Click on the link " Friends, Tags and Connections"
6. Find "Activities" and use the button with the downward pointing arrow next to it

When you click the button beside "Activities" you get the following options to choose from.
a. Everyone. Anyone on Facebook can find you activities
b. Friends of Friends. All your friends connections get to see you activities
c. Friends Only. Only you friends, contacts and connections
d. Customize. When you click on customize you get two further options. 

Make this visible to: Here can can choose the option "Only Me" and only you will get to see your activities. You can also choose " These People" and start by entering their names. Once you have entered all their name click the "Save" button and you done

Hide this from: If there are certain people you would like to hide your activities from then start by entering their names and once you done click the "Save" button and you activities will be hidden from the specific people you choose. 

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