Sunday, May 23, 2010

It happened Britney beats Ashton to become the most followed person on Twitter

About two weeks ago many websites and blogs began to speak about this Britney thing. How she was being followed by millions of people and at the rate it was happening at she would over take Ashton Kutcher. Well as predicted in less then two weeks it has happened and as this post is being written here are the official figures,

Ashton Kutcher: 4,938,625 followers
Britney Spears:   4,945,759 followers

Both of them are now on a race to the five million followers mark.

Britney has remained silent for the last three days and maybe not aware of this milestone. Both will reach the five million followers mark pretty soon and the race is on.

Twitter now no more has a king but a queen. These huge followings are proof enough that Twitter is growing by leaps and bounds.

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