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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Facebook: How to adjust settings for Photos and Videos you get Tagged in.

You and your friends have just come back from a vacation and you know the new cliche. "What happens on vacation stays on Facebook". Somehow all those wonderful videos and photos find their way to Facebook. You  might not be the one to put it up by some over enthusiastic individual might do so and tag you in a photo and video.

When you get tagged in a photo and video somehow the share button will spread the news. By default though you privacy is set to only me. You can also remove a tag anytime you find yourself in a photo or video by clicking the "Remove Tag" link below the post.

To Adjust your privacy settings for Photos and Videos of me this is what you would need to do.

1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on Account (Top right hand corner)
3. Click on Privacy Settings
4. Click on customize Settings
5. Click on the link "Friends, Tags and Connections"
6. Find the link which says "Photos and Videos of me" and click the button "Only Me" with the drop down arrow.

From the drop down arrow button you can choose who gets to see photos and videos you get tagged in.

a. Only Me. Whenever someone tags you in a photo or video only you get to see it
b. Everyone. All your friends get to see it
c. Friends of Friends. This will allow your friends and their friends to see it
d. Friends Only. Only your friends can see the tagged photos and videos
e. Customize. When you choose this option you have two further choices. Choose only a limited number of people to view your tagged photos and videos or choose to hide this from certain people. To hide it from certain people start by entering their name and click save once your done. So if you choose the "Make this visible to" option and then click on "Specific people" you can start by entering their name and by default their name will appear. You can choose to enter any number of names from your friends list and only they will be able to see the photos and videos you have been tagged in. 

You can also choose the "Only Me" option to make sure photos and videos tagged to you are visible to you only. You can later choose to allow others to see it. This is an important step and you should decide early if you want to use it. It just might save you a lot of headache in the future. 

This is a great options from group sharing and keeping those photos and videos only among a certain number of people. This options allows you to share those tagged photos and videos in private. 

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