Thursday, June 3, 2010

Facebook Privacy Settings How To Guide

There are many ways to share on Facebook, it being the social tool that it is. By default many of the things you can share are set to share with everyone and all your friends. This is also recommended by Facebook to enable your real world friends to find and interact with you.

To find these settings is pretty easy, especially after Facebook simplified the sharing settings. To adjust these settings simple go to.

1. Account ( Top Right Hand Corner)

2. Privacy Settings

And you are presented with your privacy options for sharing and be default it is set to Recommended. This is all your information and sharing settings.

The Left hand toolbar has 5 options. Everyone, Friends of Friends, Friends Only, Recommended and Custom. The recommended option is how Facebook thinks the settings should be set. You of course can set it to whatever you want. To customize and change these settings all you need to do is to click on "Customize Settings". Once you click on this option you can customize it further to "Only Me" and "Specific People". This option will allow you to share with only specific people. 

To get used to these settings it is recommended that you play around a bit and get a feel of it. 

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