Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How to test your website's iPad readiness

The iPad is finally here and in the hands of 300,000 people already. Given it's popularity and growth website owners will want to make sure their websites are ready for the iPad. Also remember there is no flash support on the iPad and videos are played using HTML5 format.

iPad Peek is a tool for you to view your site on an iPad without actually owning one. The problem with this little tool is that flash works on it but technically it should not. 

To fully test your website's iPad readiness you need to.

Step 1: Start your Firefox (or Safari) browser and change the user agent string to that of the Apple iPad. You may use Google Chrome as well but it just takes lot of effort  to change the user agents in Chrome.

Step 2: Disable the Adobe Flash plug-in from your browser settings.

Step 3: Open and type the URL of any website in the built-in Safari browser of the “virtual” iPad.

This tool will render websites in landscape mode by default but you can click the top edge of the iPad image to switch the page orientation from landscape to portrait mode and back.

The screen resolution of your current desktop is probably much higher than a iPad (which is 1024-by-768 pixels) so this tool may not exactly simulate iPad’s web browser but its as close as you can get without the real thing.

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