Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Posting from Twitter to Google Buzz

Google Buzz has a Twitter App for you to connect and share all your Tweets with your Buzz connections, or just for a way to send your Tweets to Buzz. The Buzz Twitter App works like this. All you Tweets will be posted in Buzz and not the other way around. The Twitter App available on Buzz allows you to post and share your Tweets with everyone in Buzz. Your Buzz however is not posted to Twitter. So if you looking for a way to share your Buzz on Twitter, the option is not available.

You can only post from Twitter to Google Buzz

How to connect Twitter to Buzz.

1. Login to Gmail
2. Click the 'Buzz' tab
3. Click on 'Connected Sites'
4. Beside the Twitter icon click the 'Add' button
5. Enter tour Twitter username and click 'Connect'

Its that simple and a great way for you to share your Tweets with all your Buzz contacts.

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