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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Google Buzz adds new comments and likes tab to profiles

If you opened Google Buzz today you would noticed a new feature added. The new features helps uses find all your posts much more easily and also posts you might have commented on. In all this is a new sharing experience launched by Buzz. Like their other roll-outs this one comes with the options to either use it or not. You can either click on the tab that says "Cool make these tabs public and visible on my profile" or you can choose "No thanks, keep these tabs only visible to me".

If at a later date you would like to change these settings you can always go the Buzz Settings and choose to have them private or public from there. Buzz that you mark private will always remain private. These new tabs and likes incorporate a much more social media friendly options and allow more interactivity.

As you can see from the image above you can choose your settings and make sure your followers can find all your stuff easily in one place. They do not have to hunt all over Buzz to find posts shared by you and your comments or Buzz that you have liked. 

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Video: Google Buzz for Mobile

Google Buzz for mobile allows you to see what's going on around you, post messages tagged with your location, and keep up with your friends on the go. Visit from your phone's mobile browser to start using buzz.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Posting from Twitter to Google Buzz

Google Buzz has a Twitter App for you to connect and share all your Tweets with your Buzz connections, or just for a way to send your Tweets to Buzz. The Buzz Twitter App works like this. All you Tweets will be posted in Buzz and not the other way around. The Twitter App available on Buzz allows you to post and share your Tweets with everyone in Buzz. Your Buzz however is not posted to Twitter. So if you looking for a way to share your Buzz on Twitter, the option is not available.

You can only post from Twitter to Google Buzz

How to connect Twitter to Buzz.

1. Login to Gmail
2. Click the 'Buzz' tab
3. Click on 'Connected Sites'
4. Beside the Twitter icon click the 'Add' button
5. Enter tour Twitter username and click 'Connect'

Its that simple and a great way for you to share your Tweets with all your Buzz contacts.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Google Buzz Releases Teen Safety Video

Here are the highlights from the Google Buzz video on safety instructions to be followed. With it;s initial launch navigating the whole privacy thing of Google Buzz was a little difficult. Well Buzz seems to be leaving no stone unturned with their push to educate people on the best practices to be followed while using Buzz.

For Teens to follow.

1. Keep your private information private. While posting to the web publicly you need to be aware your info is visible to all your followers, Shows up on your Public Google Profile and may even appear in Google Search Results.

2. Know who's following you. Buzz sends a notifications when someone starts following you. If you do not know that person and would rather not have them following you. You can block them. Since a mail will not be sent to them that they have been blocked they will not really know.  

3. Control your Google Profile. You don't need to share anything more than your first and last name on your profile. If you have a photo associated with your Gmail account you can choose to use this. You can also choose if you would like your list of followers to show up publicly on your profile.

4. Manage posts and comments. You can add or delete your posts as well as do the same with comments made on your posts. Or delete comments you may have left on other people's posts. 

5. Know how to turn if off. If you no longer wish you use Buzz you can turn it off anytime you choose from your Gmail settings. You can also choose to hide Buzz in Gmail but still get Buzz on your phone

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Confirm your Buzz Setup

If your a regular user of Google Buzz on Monday you would have been asked or rather reminded by Google Buzz that you need to look at your privacy settings and confirm that all is well. Google Buzz wants to be doubly sure that backlash because of their privacy settings do not crop up again. Users should not be taken by surprise  and find that private stuff their shared was actually in public mode. 

The system suggests users to follow and also the ability to block people from following you. 

The Federal Trade Commission has criticized Google's approach and members of Congress have recently called for an investigation into Google Buzz and the privacy fiasco, which might have prompted the move to make sure every Buzz user understands their privacy options. 

Google Buzz wants every individual to be made aware of their privacy options and this prompt may become a regular feature asking people to confirm their privacy settings and make sure that they are happy with the options. 

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Video: Google Buzz How To

Start conversations about the things you find interesting. Share updates, photos, videos, and more.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Connecting YouTube to Google Buzz

There are many reasons why you would want to connect your YouTube channel to Google Buzz. Get more people to view your videos and share your content. Buzz is one more additional way to share all your great videos with the world or share it simply with your friends and family on Buzz. Once you add YouTube as a connected site of Google Buzz. All your videos get shared automatically depending on your privacy settings. If you choose to share with the public it get broad casted across the site. If you choose to share in private then you chosen contacts are able to view your videos. You need to set the privacy options first.

Sharing on Buzz is one more additional way of generating traffic to your videos posted on YouTube and even gain more followers

How to add or connect YouTube to Buzz

1. Login to Gmail
2. Click on the Buzz tab
3. Click on connected sites
4. Click on the Add button beside YouTube

Once your YouTube channel has been added. You can then set your privacy options.
Beside YouTube click on edit
You can set your privacy to either public or private
Public to share with the world and private to share with friends and family or those you have added as a friend.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

How does Posted via buzz@gmail work

Google Buzz has announced Posted via buzz@gmail for those users who would like to post buzz directly. This is an easy way to share photos, videos and text. You would need to send an email to For this to work correctly you would need to send an email from the gmail ID that you use to You would also need to turn on the Posted via buzz@gmail on your connected sites.

To tun on Posted via buzz@gmail

1. Login to Gmail

2. Click on Buzz 

3. Click on profile

4. Click on connected sites

5. Click on the Add tab next to Posted via buzz@gmail

To Control your privacy settings for Posted via buzz@gmail

1. click on edit beside Posted via buzz@gmail

2. You have two options. Public or private. 

3. Choose the option that best suites you.

How does your post appear if you post via

You post will have test from the subject line and any attachments you have added. Currently text from your message body will not appear.

If you do not use Posted via buzz@gmail in your connected sites before using it your first post will be public. However once you add Posted via buzz@gmail to your connected sites. You can login and edit your privacy settings. So before using it is better to set your privacy settings at Posted via buzz@gmail before using it.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

There's a Google Buzz App Directory

Google Buzz the social utility tool all though just out for people to use. Some have not yet received their Buzz invites has not stopped developers from creating Apps for the service. There are no official Apps as yet but a whole list of unofficial Apps that have been coming out. Enough for BuzzAware to start a Buzz Apps directory.

There are already 19 Apps in their directory and growing on a daily basis. There is a Mini Buzz Search Engine, Google Buzz Feed a wordpress plugin, BUZZSTATS to generate Buzz charts on your activity and popularity. It goes on with so many developers now building Apps for Buzz.

There is also Tw2Buzz to import all you Twitter contacts to Buzz. Not sure if your contacts will like it though.

There are Apps for your Mobile, Browser, Web and Desktop

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Google Buzz the new social network for Gmail.

Even as Google launched Google Buzz the new social network to be based within their already popular Gmail service, Yahoo and Microsoft took turns to criticize this move.

"Busy people don't want another social network, what they want is the convenience of aggregation," Microsoft said in a statement. "We've done that. Hotmail customers have benefited from Microsoft working with Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and 75 other partners since 2008."

Yahoo tweeted a similar gibe.

"Two years after #Yahoo! launched #Buzz, Google follows suit. Check out the original:"

Even as they spoke of their innovative forays into social networking both Yahoo and Microsoft were unable to deliver the knock out punch.

According to com Score Google Buzz has added 176 million members on Tuesday to the new service. Not a bad start.

Google Buzz let's you post status updated share videos and pics and automatically connects you to your Gmail friends. 

Source [ CNN.Com ]

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