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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Google Buzz Releases Teen Safety Video

Here are the highlights from the Google Buzz video on safety instructions to be followed. With it;s initial launch navigating the whole privacy thing of Google Buzz was a little difficult. Well Buzz seems to be leaving no stone unturned with their push to educate people on the best practices to be followed while using Buzz.

For Teens to follow.

1. Keep your private information private. While posting to the web publicly you need to be aware your info is visible to all your followers, Shows up on your Public Google Profile and may even appear in Google Search Results.

2. Know who's following you. Buzz sends a notifications when someone starts following you. If you do not know that person and would rather not have them following you. You can block them. Since a mail will not be sent to them that they have been blocked they will not really know.  

3. Control your Google Profile. You don't need to share anything more than your first and last name on your profile. If you have a photo associated with your Gmail account you can choose to use this. You can also choose if you would like your list of followers to show up publicly on your profile.

4. Manage posts and comments. You can add or delete your posts as well as do the same with comments made on your posts. Or delete comments you may have left on other people's posts. 

5. Know how to turn if off. If you no longer wish you use Buzz you can turn it off anytime you choose from your Gmail settings. You can also choose to hide Buzz in Gmail but still get Buzz on your phone

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