Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mafia Wars Additional Robbing Info

Mafia Wars hopes to elevate the interest in the game with the return of Robbing. To start robbing you need to click the 'Fight' tab in New York. Clicking on the 'Fight' tab allows you to score some nice loot from New York Properties as you work on completing the robbing grid. If you have something to settle with someone specific you can rob from their personal page also. 

The difficulty of each robbing job is set up by comparing your attack skill to the defense skill of the defender. Also the Mafia size used to fight varies for each property, as does the stamina cost. Even if you do not have the Mafia size you can proceed to loot a property with the cost of your odd being reduced so proceed with caution. 

You may also notice that the robbing formula is not 100% static like the fighting formula. However, your attack skill and any boosts are static, as is a portion of your mafia strength (NOTE: the Diamond Collection alters these percentages). So, having better weapons, armors, and vehicles, as well as bringing the required number of mafia DOES improve your odds of a successful robbery.

When robbing, you can also get random loot drops for the collections. Try to complete both collections - "Tools of the Trade", and "Stolen Diamond Collection" - and increase your robbing mastery. Keep in mind that the items in the Stolen Diamond Collection can only drop on full grid clears. And, doing better on the grid will give you a better chance at a diamond drop. This is still a SUPER RARE set, so be patient as you work to get all the items!

Be sure to collect from your properties in a timely manner. As soon as they’re ready, collect and prevent them from becoming vulnerable to robbing. You can check out from your properties page if any of your properties were hit, and you can choose to retaliate by going to a users profile page and rob them there directly.

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