Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 31 is Quit Facebook Day

pcmag reported that "Quit Facebook Day" only effected 2% of US users. It seems people are not ready to give up on the social network over the recent privacy issues. Users have obviously spent a lot of time, energy and creativity in creating their own social network on Facebook and are not really ready to give it up.

Facebook has also announced it's new privacy policy that aims to make thing simpler for users to understand and adjust. There are many privacy rights groups who are very vocal against Facebook's privacy policies but that does not necessarily effect the masses. People are just not ready to quit, Facebook on the other hand has already put their new policy in place and if you login to Facebook and click on privacy policy you see a whole new page with simplified layouts in place.

Creating an account and maintaining it on Facebook is also no joke. You need to interact with your people, share photos, videos and then the games. People love their games and applications and it keeps them busy. End of the day people share only what they want to share and this whole thing of  "Quit Facebook Day" did not really  get the success it wanted.

So did you quit?

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  1. yes i agree on making facebook simpler but it also it has to be secure have heard rumors of facebook having some virus n such news cant gurantee that it is true but i love facebook so yes pls try keeping it as secured as possible for ur users benefit, n i do like the report if our profile is hacked tat truely helps. thxs

  2. very true, Facebook needs to make things much more secure.