Thursday, May 6, 2010

PetVille Golden Butterfly

PetVille have given their flower pots a makeover. There are new flowers to choose from. There are also brand new flower vases. Every day when you change the flowers a golden butterfly will come and sit on the flowers which you can click for bonus points.

User however do not seem to like the idea to much. Feedback has been that the vases are too big. Users want the old flowers and vases back. Changes to the basic element of the game always seem to bring about an uproar. Since players are used to the way things are and do not really want any big changes.

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PetVille starts you off with a new green flower pot for every pot you had in your pet's rooms. Instead of buying flowers and waiting them to wilt to drop a bonus, the objective of this new system is to arrange flowers each day so that when the Golden Butterfly makes its daily rounds, it'll be the one to drop you a bonus.
PetVille Golden Butterfly

PetVille arranged flower bouquetThis Golden Butterfly Reward is totally dependent on how many flowers you have in your vase. The more flowers, the more coins you'd earn. Each flower bouquet will get one visit from the Butterfly each day. The bouquets will also stay fresh for 2 days. The game starts you off with 5 Purple Tulips, 5 Pink Lilies, and 5 White Daisies.

# of Flowers :: Butterfly Reward
1 Flower :: 20 Coins
2 Flowers :: 40 Coins
3 Flowers :: 80 Coins
4 Flowers :: 140 Coins
5 Flowers :: 220 Coins
6 Flowers :: 300 Coins
7 Flowers :: 325 Coins
8 Flowers :: 350 Coins
...and so on.

Once your bouquet is ready, you won't be able to change it for 2 days, so you should spend time getting even more flowers for next time. There's two ways to do this: 1) Click on your flower vase and select "Ask For Flowers" to post a notice on your Facebook Wall, or 2) Have your friends regularly gift you some through the gifts page.
PetVille Get More Flowers
There are currently 12 flowers available for gifting: Baby's Breath, Blue Iris, Green Fern, Orange Poppy, Pink Lily, Purple Iris, Purple Tulip, Red Lily, Red Poppy, White Daisy, White Tulip, and Yellow Daffodils.
PetVille Flower gifts page

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