Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Price Is Right to come to Facebook, iPhone, Xbox and Wii

The Price is right, the show where contestants have to guess the price of items and claim them as a prize will now be available on Facebook. The show will also come to the iPhone, Xbox and Wii. 

Carey who took over as host of the show in October 2007 after the retirement of of Bob Baker, Host of the TV show since 1972. is all set for the show's social debut.

Although Carey has put his comedic stamp on "Price" and welcomes the high-tech extras, he says the show remains true to itself. Contestants still jockey to "come on down" to the stage and compete for prizes by guessing their retail value.

"I look at it as owning a house. Any homeowner can relate: You're never, ever done with your house," Carey said. "New rug, new bathroom tile, but it's still the same house. It's still the same game."

Brand extensions such as the coming Facebook game "are both serving the purpose of being a profit center and having more visibility around the show," said Keith Hindle, CEO of FremantleMedia Enterprises, the licensing and brand extension arm of series producer FremantleMedia.

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