Monday, May 31, 2010

Treasure Isle Adopt an Elephant

So how do you get to find a adoptable elephant on Treasure Isle. As you are in game play there will suddenly be a pop  up saying that you have found a lost elephant and would you like to give it a name. You would need to click yes and publish this to your wall and your friends walls. You friends can then click on the published post and get the elephant. You however will not be able to get the elephant by clicking on your own wall post. You would need to wait for a friend to find the elephant and publisher this. You would then need to click on the story on your wall to get the lost elephant. Even then you need to be among the first people to click on the wall link to get an elephant. 

Once you save an elephant you can then sell it for 1.000 coins. This is an offer being run on Treasure Isle and ends on June 1.

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