Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FrontierVille Chicken Coop Quest

The Chicken Coop Quest will allow you to harvest all your chickens at once. You will need to purchase the chicken coop from the market. Before you can buy this building you will need 13 neighbors and 30 wood. Once you place the Chicken Coop on your land it will require 18 whacks, each costing 16 wood. To complete the chicken coop you will also need drills, nails, paint, and hammers which you can get from your friends or by spending Horseshoes. 

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  1. Help me out here.... How do you get it to harvest them at once? I can't get the chickens inside it, and I cant find any button for it? all I can tell it does is spit out some reward each day...

  2. Once you complete the chicken coop you get all the rewards. Including the ability to harvest all your chickens at once. They do not need to be inside the coop but around it is fine.

  3. You harvest them all at once by claiming the "Daily Bonus" from the Chicken Coop.

  4. Originally, it did not harvest all the chickens but they have since changed it.