Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to delete applications from a BlackBerry Device

Are the applications you've been downloading crowding up your device or are you just plain tired with some of then and would like to clear up the Applications your BlackBerry device is using. There are a few simply steps you would need to follow to remove, delete or uninstall an application from your Blackberry

1. Go to the main screen
2. Select Options
3. Select advanced options
4. Select Applications
5. Select the app you want to remove
6. Select Delete from the menu
7. Confirm deletion
8. The device will ask you if you would like reboot select 'yes'
9. Your Done

If you are going to delete more than one application do not click on reboot to reset. Click on reboot only after you have deleted all the apps you wish to remove. Your device asks to reboot because a reboot or a reset clears the applications out of device memory.

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