Sunday, June 27, 2010

How to remove applications from Yahoo Mail

If you are using the all new Yahoo Mail then you have access to a whole new set of applications provided in your Inbox. Accessing some of these applications might make you mail experience slower and you just might want to remove the application that is causing you trouble.

There is a simple two step process provided by yahoo to get rid off, remove, or delete applications.

1. Login to Yahoo mail
2. Click on the "Applications" headed as show in the image below. This is found in the left hand bottom corner of the toolbar.

3. Once you click on Applications a whole new window will open within your mail. Showing you all the applications that you use. Please see image below.

4. Click on remove next to the application you no longer wish to use.
5. Your Done.

Clicking on Remove Access means that all permissions for that particular application will be removed as well.

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