Monday, June 7, 2010

Treasure Isle Fire God Mountain to erupt soon

Treasure Isle has announced that the Fire God Mountain is soon to erupt. Many players suspect that the only way to get the Rain God on Treasure Isle will be to find it on Fire God Mountain. Till now this has been an unreleased item and this Island is now all set to blow.

The Island has been on the map ever since the game started but no one was allowed. Things are set to change and this Island is going to be unlocked soon. Serious players are all excited with this new island. As we can see from the released pic. This island has a volcano and no one knows what to expect as of now.

The Volcano is situated on top of a hill and there is a secret door into the mountain. Please let us know if you have any more info especially if your the first to reach it. 

Check out these new pictures we have found off the inside of Fire God Mountain. Regular Players are just bursting with excitement. This is definitely going to be a themed based island with addition and new challenges not seen before in Treasure Isle. Zynga has done it again with this new game and created an anticipation among players like never before.    

To build up the anticipation for this event Zynga Treasure Isle has now launched a fan page called Treasure Isle's Volcano Diggers Anonymous located here Check out the Fan page to be updated on the latest news and sneak peeks. 

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