Thursday, June 3, 2010

Treasure Isle New Lost Animal Pandas

After the lost elephant it is now time to find the new lost animal Panda. This is the teaser Treasure Isle released. "New lost animal: Pandas! Don't let them cry. Find and adopt these cuddly cute bears."

During game play you will stand a chance of finding the Panda and you should not let them cry and help them find a new home. You will be prompted to share him on your wall. Clicking on this link will allow you to keep the panda. You cannot click on your own links and the best way of finding the new lost panda is to be one of the ones ones to click on the "new Lost Animal" posted by your friends. You need to be one of the first to click on the link to get the Panda.

So go and search your friends walls right now to find links to find the new lost panda. 

[Image Courtesy Zynga Treasure Isle]

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