Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chatroulette adds new Channels: Localroulette, Channelroulette and Standardroulette

Chatroulette has begun to take on a new shape and form and trying to add some direction. There are three new channels to choose from. Localroulette will route users to people near them based on their ip addresses. Channelroulette allows users to join a particular channel and most of these channels seem to stick to the originial them of the site "Sex". Standardroulette gets users back to normal mode.

These improvements give the website a new direction if if it's users do not seem to be swaying too much from what they like the most. There is also a new link on the top titled Ad. Clicking on which will show you an Ad, there is already a hint of the theme of the Ad you are about to see based on it's small description. The site now seems to be heading in a direction, it's final destiny not known and types of users it might be potentially put too are also not yet known.

The site though is doing well garnering a lot of eyeballs everyday.According to Alexa Chatroulette has an international traffic rank of 1,902. Which is pretty good considering it's so new but hey it is so viral.

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