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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Airtime: How does it work

Airtime is an Facebook based App launched by Napster Co-founders Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning. it works just the way Chatroulette works but minus creepy people. Chatroulette offers the ability to chat with random strangers from different countries. You do not need to have a bio or a pic. You can just access the service and start using it. Airtime works on the same premise but with one vital difference, it is Facebook based. So you can chat with your friends, friends of friends or people who you don't know but can chat wit h based on similar interests. The reason why this is more fun is because your profile is attached to the video and you don't want to try anything funny with people who can see who you are. 

Airtime: How does it work

How do I get started?
All you need to do is to launch Airtime and then click on Launch Airtime, use your Facebook ID to login, allow access to your webcam, and then click on 'Talk to someone to get started'.

Why do I have to use my Facebook login?
This is a Facebook Webapp and therefore needs your Facebook ID to be operational. Facebook login is also used to ensure that you don't get penis-bombed. This is what happens on Chatroulette, when people point the camera to a part of their anatomy not meant for public display. This brings with it a responsibility because your real name and location can be found out by both parties by clicking on the +1 button below the chat window. Real profiles means real conversations minus creepy behavior.

What happens when someone does not follow protocol and goes ahead with vulgar displays?
The technology of the system can detect when someone is not following guidelines, there are also moderators who are constantly monetering the service. Once banned you cannot get into the service again and you will have to forgo using Airtime.

How to change from Anonymous mode to real mode?
When Air-timming you are initially show as Anonymous and the other person will also be visible as anonymous. To change from anonymous to real name and profile you will need to click the +Add below the chat window of the other person.  

How does Airtime decide who to pair me with?
This is done based on people who are nearby, common interests and Friends of Friends. Based on your Facebook interests Airtime will pair you with a fellow Airtimmer. So let's say you like FarmVille - Airtime will pair you with other people who like Farmville, this is just one example. The more interests you have the winder range of meeting people with all those similar interests. 

How do I know what interest was used to get me my video-chatting partner?
when the other person's window opens you can see the interest Airtime used while making the match. The common interest will pop-up between both windows. If you like the person you can always give them a +1.

What is the Crown badge found below my window?
This is called a founder's badge and you get points based on all your interaction. Also based on how other people rate you with the +1 button. 

Is there a chat window for me to type messages while video chatting?
Yes you find the chat box on the right below the name of the person you are chatting with. You can also type while Airtimming. This is useful if you want to share your Twitter ID or your website or blog with the other person. Works like a normal Facebook chat.

How to add a YouTube video while Chatting?
There is a YouTube search bar, use it to find the video and start playing while you continue chatting and sharing the video simultaneously. 

Can I leave a video message if one of my friends are not online on Facebook?
All you need to do is to click on your friends name and use the record button that appears on your chat window to record and leave a video message for your Facebook friends. 

Is there privacy options available on Facebook for Airime?
You can read all about what privacy options you have in another post of ours which can be found here

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Video: The Last Exorcism on Chatroulette

This is an absolute brilliant piece of marketing. This video is going viral in a very short time and all thanks to whoever came up with this idea to spread the word about the movie "The last Exorcism" which is out in theaters on Aug 27, 2010. You know why most males love Chatroulette, keeping vigil hoping that some woman comes along and shows them something. Well a woman did come along and got these teens right where it hurts. She sure set hearts on fire and pulses racing. Check out this viral video and enjoy the reactions.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chatroulette adds new Channels: Localroulette, Channelroulette and Standardroulette

Chatroulette has begun to take on a new shape and form and trying to add some direction. There are three new channels to choose from. Localroulette will route users to people near them based on their ip addresses. Channelroulette allows users to join a particular channel and most of these channels seem to stick to the originial them of the site "Sex". Standardroulette gets users back to normal mode.

These improvements give the website a new direction if if it's users do not seem to be swaying too much from what they like the most. There is also a new link on the top titled Ad. Clicking on which will show you an Ad, there is already a hint of the theme of the Ad you are about to see based on it's small description. The site now seems to be heading in a direction, it's final destiny not known and types of users it might be potentially put too are also not yet known.

The site though is doing well garnering a lot of eyeballs everyday.According to Alexa Chatroulette has an international traffic rank of 1,902. Which is pretty good considering it's so new but hey it is so viral.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chatroulette's male genitalia problem

Chatroulette received 4 million unique visitors in Feburary scoring big on growing popularity. There is just one problem it is estimated that 13% of users are male chatting without their pants on.

Foursquare cofounder Dennis Crowley spotted Andrey Ternovskiy, Chatroulette's 17-year-old founder, in Silicon Valley today.

On Twitter, Dennis wrote, "Just met the founder of chateoulette. Totally didn't play it cool & was starstruck like a teenage girl Twilight fan."

What do you do when you’re 17, you’re visiting the US from Russia, and you’ve created the Internet meme of the moment?

You spend your Friday night camped out in front of an Apple store.

Chatroulette creator Andrey Ternovskiy is a really big deal right now, but he had to wait in line for his iPad along with the rest of us. It was a long wait, so I got him to spend some of it telling me about changes he has in store for the site, which lets you talk to, gawk at or “next” random strangers.

He’s made a subtle but important tweak already: He’s made some changes to the “reporting people” function, which is designed to cut down on the male genitalia that famously crops up throughout the site.


 Andrey Ternovskiy

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Merton's pianochat on Chatroulette

Your host, Merton, freestyling in real-time with random strangers on Chat Roulette. You can also follow Merton's YouTube Channel. Merton the funny man Video Chatting with random strangers on Chatroulette. A site where you can random chat with total strangers.

Your host, Merton, freestyling in real-time with random strangers on Chat Roulette. pianochat

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chatroulette: How does it work

Chatroulette is a brand new service for one-on-one text-, webcam- and microphone-based chat with people around the world. This is the official description of the site.

Well let's start of with How does Chatroulette work.

Basically it is a service with requires a webcam and a good internet connection. You open the site and your webcam gets connected. Your face appears and the face of another person. Yes it allows you to live video chat with random strangers. To find a new person to chat with you need to click n new game. If you are the stranger your encounter feel comfortable with each other you can have a real live chat right there. Found by a Teen from Russia this site is taking the college crowd by storm according to reports provided by ComScore

US visitors to Chatroulette for the month of February has touched 960,000 visits.

From the charts below you can see that a large part of Chatroulette's user base are male college going people. This obsession for random user chat has started and not going to go away anytime soon. Theories are now being drawn-up to answer the question of this new found obsession. Do you have one? 

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