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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Airtime Privacy Options how to adjust on Facebook

Airtime has just launched and looks like it will it all set to become the darling of the internet. We have a complete guide to Airtime which can be found here. Once you start using the service you can login to Facebook to adjust your privacy settings. Airtime to work properly needs access to your Facebook info like your likes and interest, news feed, friends and other info. if you decide you do not want this App to have access to your info you can login to Facebook to revoke access to your info and friends info. 

How to adjust Airtime privacy settings on Facebook.

1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on the down-arrow beside your home button
3. Privacy settings
4. Choose 'Edit' beside Ads, Apps and Websites.
5. Click on Edit Settings again and then click on Airtime
6. Click the (x) mark beside Access your friends' contact information if you do not want the app to have access to your friends on Facebook. Choosing this option will mean you cannot video-chat with your FB Pals.
7. Click the (x) mark beside Access posts in your News Feed - this will stop the app from access to your news feeds and posts.
8. Click the (x) mark beside Access Facebook Chat - you will no more have your FB chat in Airtime.
9. Click the (x) mark beside Post on your behalf - will stop Airtime from posting to your Timeline
10. Beside Posts on your behalf: - choose only me this way whatever the apps posts to your Timeline and news feed is available only for you to see. You do not want to be surprised by seeing something the app posted without you knowing. 
11. Beside 'Notifications' you can choose 'Never' to never receive notifications from Airtime.
!2. if you do not want to use Airtime anymore simply click on 'Remove App' found on the top right-hand corner and this will revoke all permission and remove the App from your Facebook.

If you want to have a better chat experience however you will need to give Airtime all permissions since the app needs all your info to make better matches. 

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Airtime: How does it work

Airtime is an Facebook based App launched by Napster Co-founders Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning. it works just the way Chatroulette works but minus creepy people. Chatroulette offers the ability to chat with random strangers from different countries. You do not need to have a bio or a pic. You can just access the service and start using it. Airtime works on the same premise but with one vital difference, it is Facebook based. So you can chat with your friends, friends of friends or people who you don't know but can chat wit h based on similar interests. The reason why this is more fun is because your profile is attached to the video and you don't want to try anything funny with people who can see who you are. 

Airtime: How does it work

How do I get started?
All you need to do is to launch Airtime and then click on Launch Airtime, use your Facebook ID to login, allow access to your webcam, and then click on 'Talk to someone to get started'.

Why do I have to use my Facebook login?
This is a Facebook Webapp and therefore needs your Facebook ID to be operational. Facebook login is also used to ensure that you don't get penis-bombed. This is what happens on Chatroulette, when people point the camera to a part of their anatomy not meant for public display. This brings with it a responsibility because your real name and location can be found out by both parties by clicking on the +1 button below the chat window. Real profiles means real conversations minus creepy behavior.

What happens when someone does not follow protocol and goes ahead with vulgar displays?
The technology of the system can detect when someone is not following guidelines, there are also moderators who are constantly monetering the service. Once banned you cannot get into the service again and you will have to forgo using Airtime.

How to change from Anonymous mode to real mode?
When Air-timming you are initially show as Anonymous and the other person will also be visible as anonymous. To change from anonymous to real name and profile you will need to click the +Add below the chat window of the other person.  

How does Airtime decide who to pair me with?
This is done based on people who are nearby, common interests and Friends of Friends. Based on your Facebook interests Airtime will pair you with a fellow Airtimmer. So let's say you like FarmVille - Airtime will pair you with other people who like Farmville, this is just one example. The more interests you have the winder range of meeting people with all those similar interests. 

How do I know what interest was used to get me my video-chatting partner?
when the other person's window opens you can see the interest Airtime used while making the match. The common interest will pop-up between both windows. If you like the person you can always give them a +1.

What is the Crown badge found below my window?
This is called a founder's badge and you get points based on all your interaction. Also based on how other people rate you with the +1 button. 

Is there a chat window for me to type messages while video chatting?
Yes you find the chat box on the right below the name of the person you are chatting with. You can also type while Airtimming. This is useful if you want to share your Twitter ID or your website or blog with the other person. Works like a normal Facebook chat.

How to add a YouTube video while Chatting?
There is a YouTube search bar, use it to find the video and start playing while you continue chatting and sharing the video simultaneously. 

Can I leave a video message if one of my friends are not online on Facebook?
All you need to do is to click on your friends name and use the record button that appears on your chat window to record and leave a video message for your Facebook friends. 

Is there privacy options available on Facebook for Airime?
You can read all about what privacy options you have in another post of ours which can be found here

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Airtime the start-up from the guys who founded Napster

Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker the original founders of the peer-to-peer music sharing service Napster. have teamed up again to launch another project that has all the potential to go viral. Called 'Airtime' the service is modeled along the lines of Chatroulette with a huge difference. It will be Chatroulette with a social network attached. 

Unlike other social networks and we are not going to mention the names out here. Airtime will introduce random strangers to each other and group people according to common interests. 

The funding money comes from Founders Fund, Accel Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Yuri Milner, Ron Conway, Marissa Mayer, Ashton Kutcher,, Scott Braun (Justine Bieber's agent), and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington. Look at the star studded list of people who are investing. must have learnt a lot from all the hangouts he has been doing on Google+. This seems to be a venture that can sure get a lot of interest and people who would want to try it out. 

What is Airtime and how does it work

Complete details about the startup are still not clear and the founders do not want to give anything away. It however seems that it will all be around interests and what people like. The ability to find and network with random people and add them to your group and circle of friends. This is all speculation right now but this is the way this project seems to go. 

Check out their website now although there is nothing much to greet you other than 'airtime coming soon'. You can however signup to gain early access.

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