Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to translate Twitter and Facebook statuses with Google Chrome

With the immense popularity of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Not too far away in the near future. English will not be the dominant language on social sites. Already you might know if you have a large number of Twitter followers and Facebook friends scattered around the world. many of the Tweets and Facebook status are not in English. As people are much more comfortable using their native languages. Half of Twitter users are outside of English speaking countries and social networks are definitely not confined to the English language. 

Google Chrome has introduced a new extension for your browser, that helps you take care of this problem. Install this extension and you will be able to read all those foreign language Tweets and Status updates right from your browser. This extension uses Google Translate to accomplish the task. Called The Social Translate chrome extension automatically translates event streams and friends’ comments on social network sites. Click here to get the Social Extension from Google Chrome. 

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