Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Treasure Isle Bigger is Better

Treasure Isle have introduced an all new way for you to have a larger home island. It is going to cost you though.. You can either get larger home islands by adding neighbors or you can pay Island Cash to get the upgrade.

There are three upgrades released for home islands

1. Small Island ( Needs 8 neighbors or 20 Isle cash)
2. medium Island ( Needs 10 neighbors or 25 Isle cash)
3. Large Island ( Needs 12  neighbors or 30 Isle cash)
4. Grande Island ( Needs 14 neighbors or 35 Isle cash)

To view these options click on the "Room To Grow" link found below the game.

You can also click on Store and then click on upgrade to see your bigger island options.

Now who wouldn't want more room on their home islands. More room to grow and more room for all your decorations and collections.  http://zyn.ga/Uc <= Click here play Treasure Isle

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