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Treasure Isle Pirate Ship

treasure isle pirate ship

Yarrrr, Maties! There's pirates in those waters you're exploring, and now you'll have to build your own pirate ship, which you must use to be able to plunder hidden treasure from the just-released Pirates Barricade islands. To get started building your very own pirate ship, you'll see a pop up message when you log in to the game that says "A pirate ship! Put this in the sea or in your backpack."

To get started building right away, select Place It -- and then situate the ship in the water surrounding your personal island. Then, it's time to get to work -- you'll spend 40 Energy total (5 per activity) getting the frame prepped for final construction.

treasure isle pirate ship frame

Hammer Hull - 5 Energy 2x
Rig Rigging - 5 Energy 2x
Batten Hatches - 5 Energy 2x
Scrub Decks -- 5 Energy 2x

If you've been playing FrontierVille, the whole building process will be instantly familiar. After spending energy to prep a buildable item, well, that's just the beginning. To 'Finish' the pirate ship, you're going to have to collect construction materials from your friends (or buy them for 1 Island Cash each or 22 Island Cash for all of them) to get the job done. treasureisle=finish-pirate-ship

You'll need 25 construction materials in all, which breaks down to five (5) of the following:

  • Ship Nails

  • Planks

  • Nautical Rope

  • Sailcloth

  • Paint

You can send pirate ship construction materials to fellow treasure hunters by sending them as gifts. You have two of the five available in under the Free Gifts tab of the game, and those will rotate regularly so you will eventually be able to send all of the items to your friends.

Once your pirate ship is complete, you will be able to access the Pirates Barricade isles, located in the newly released Pirate Isle IV maps.

If you look in the store, you'll also notice that you can buy a second Pirate Ship frame for 10,000 coins, just in case you delete or sell yours (or just want a second ship) -- though it's not required to have two ships to access the Barricade Isles.

treausre isle pirate ship


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