Friday, July 9, 2010

Video: Pulpo Paul the Psychic Octopus predicts Spain over Holland.

It's Spain! Oracle Paul the Psychic Octopus predicts Spain will beat Holland and win the World Cup. The world-famous octopus could be seen sitting on a tank marked with a Spanish flag for only a few minutes before grabbing out a mussel and devouring it, while completely ignoring the Dutch tank indicating a Spanish victory in Sunday's final match in the World Cup. Paul correctly predicted Germany's wins over Argentina, England, Australia and Ghana and the country's loss to Spain and Serbia.

Pulpo Paul is now trending on Twitter and not surprisingly pushed onto the trending topics by Spanish people. If Paul proves himself to be right, the Oracle who is already world famous and has a following of his own will truly go down into the annals of world cup history.

 It also needs to be noted that Paul will not be grilled or put onto the Sushi Menu because of his predictions back home in Germany. Spanish Fans have also vowed to protect him. 

"That was fast -- it looks like a clear-cut victory for Spain," said Tanja Munzig, spokeswoman for Sea Life in Oberhausen. She was surprised by his speed in picking Spain. For some matches it took Paul 70 minutes to decide.

Reaction in Spain was swift, with the country's biggest selling sports daily website running the headline: "The octopus Paul makes us champions".

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