Sunday, July 4, 2010

Why Mick Jagger is Trending today on Twitter

Mick Jagger is now a trending topic on Twitter and for a very unusual reason. Mick Jagger is the vocalist of the Rolling Stones, his appearance among the World Cup spectators is believed to have jinxed the English, American & Brazilian teams (even though he attended games where these teams won).

The 4 teams today will be hoping that Mick Jagger doesn't support them. He rooted for USA v GHA , ENG v GER and BRA v NED . All 3 lost.

Now says one Twitter users all four teams who are to play today in the semi finals of the FIFA World Cup 2010, will be hoping Mick Jagger will not be rooting for them.

Mick Jagger if he sees this on Twitter must be at a loss for words. Everyone off course will be waiting to see who Mick Jagger will be supporting today. What do you think?. Is Mick Jagger's presence dangerous to the teams he supports.

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