Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Heirloom Carrots Crop Mastery - FarmVille

Heirloom Carrot seeds can be purchased in the FarmVille Market at any time as they are now permanent market fixtures.
Farmville Heirloom Carrots Crop Mastery
Heirloom Carrot seeds are available to level 57 farmers and above. However, you must have already mastered Carrots to unlock Heirloom Carrot seeds.  Heirloom Carrots can be purchased for 110 coins and will take 12 hours to grow, when harvested it will yield 210 coins and 1 XP with a profit of 100 coins.

There is Crop Mastery available for Heirloom Carrot seeds. The requirements for each star level of Crop Mastery can be seen below.

Heirloom Carrots Crop Mastery:
* Star 1: 1,400
* Star 2: 2,800
* Star 3: 4,200
* Total: 8,400

Farmville Heirloom Carrots Crop MasteryFarmville Heirloom Carrots Crop Mastery

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