Tuesday, August 24, 2010

YoVille Slot Machine Coming Soon!

With this new slot machine coming we will be removing the Daily Log In Bonus from YoVille. As many of you remember we have played around with different daily types of daily bonuses to reward those of you that log in everyday! We had the YoLotto, then the Daily Login Bonus, and now we will have the slot machine. We love to reward you all that log in daily and want to jazz it up for you and give you a chance to get some bigger payouts.


Here is a quick breakdown of how it is going to work and some questions we thought you might have in regards to this new feature:

How do I use the Slot Machine?

You will receive a pop-up when you first enter the game as you did with the Daily Bonus. Click Spin and then click spin again to stop it to find out what combo you got :) If you close out of the pop-up you will always be able to access the Slot Machine in the Casino as we will be replacing the old Slot Machine with the new one there too.

How Many times can I use the Slot Machine?

We will be granting you free spins everyday. The more you log in the more free spins we will grant you, which will increase your chances on winning! Here is the breakdown of how many spins you can get depending on how many days in a row you log in.

1st Day - 1 Spins

2nd Consecutive Day - 2 Spins

3rd Consecutive Day - 3 Spins

4th Consecutive Day - 4 Spins

5th Consecutive Day - 5 Spins

Once your run out of your free spins for the day you will still be able to spin more if you would like by purchasing more spins for coins or YoCash.

We’ll also be giving you the option to send and receive spins from your friends through Feeds (More info and screenshots to come on the Slot Machine Feed) to up your chances on getting a huge pay out :) If you hit the jackpot big or one of your friends do you will be able to post a feed for your friends to click in on. Keep an eye on these types of feeds as you will be able to get a Free Spin if you click in on them.

How many symbols are there?

There will be a lot of different symbols and combinations that will create winning spins! Keep your eyes out for the Yoville Logo, Red 7, Star, Bar, Cherry, Coin, and Diamond Symbols on the Slot Machine. We’ll be providing a Payout Table on the Slot Machine so you can see what combos equal a winning combo of symbols.

What are the payouts?

You’ll have to wait to find out the exact combo payouts are but I can tell you that if you spin a winning combo they will all be coin payouts. The slot machine will pay out by chance and the payout will range as all slot machines do, but keep in mind that some of these pay outs are going to huge!  Test your luck on the slot machine and see how lucky you are.


We’ll also be giving you the option to bet for those of you that like a little gamble. So take a little risk!

Past Winners

You’ll be able to preview some of high winners. You’ll have to show off and win big and make everyone jealous and get yourself up there as well ;)

Expect to see the slot machine in game most likely later this week. We’ll keep you updated on when it is live in game!  Also, this is just the beginning of the Slot Machine so expect new fun things to come with this new feature in the future as well. Well that’s about all folks. Stay tuned for your first chance to spin the slot machine and win big.

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