Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Lady Gaga Social Profile

Decided to do a quick post on Lady Gaga's social profile. Why, you might ask, well, take a look at all the numbers in terms of views on YouTube, number of people who like her FB page and her followers on Twitter and things will start to add up. Her Facebook page says "23,831,380 People Like This", her Twitter profile shows 7,194,258 followers and her YouTube official channel has 43,509,864 views. Her song 'Bad Romance' was the highest viewed YouTube video until Justin Bieber came along with 'Baby', Bad Romance has about 311,429,534 views, that is three hundred and eleven million views. Her song 'Alejandro' has now reached the top 20 slot of all time most viewed videos on YouTube. 

She is also known as 'Mother Monster' by her fans who are known as little monsters. 

Her Facebook update before Thanksgiving. "I'm so thankful for the blessing of my fans. My family+I are thankful for u. For those lonely today, we set an extra place at our table. ♥"

You might also like to visit her official site here. Oh and before we forget be sure to check out Lady Gaga on MySpace

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