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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lady Gaga and the Lions [Safari Pictures]

Lady Gaga has just wrapped up her tour of Johannesburg and from the tour comes a few Safari Pictures as Lady Gaga likes to call them. These photos were shared by her on Twitter and Facebook. Shows Lady Gaga out on Safari and meeting a pride of lions who are sleeping. The Safari vehicle goes a little closer and she gets her face in the frame with the lions in the background. We think she should have spent a little more time on Safari and shared a few more pics might have done quiet a bit for Wildlife Conversation. Given the amount of influence Lady Gaga has among her loyal and dedicated fans. Nature and Wildlife is something we support a lot and internationally recognized starts should also start doing their part for wildlife and nature. Take a look at the pics below and check it out for yourself.


Source: Lady Gaga Facebook Page

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Video: Lady Gaga joins Google+

Mama Monster has taken her time coming to Google+. The good news though is that she has landed. Now that mama monster has come, will her little monsters also arrive. After all it is her little monsters (her followers) who made her reach the top-spot on Twitter with over 18 million followers. She has over 46 million Facebook likes and her YouTube channel has over 2 billion views. Impressive numbers on Google+ though she has now been added to only a little over 18 thousand circles. Compare that to Google+'s most followed users. Britney Spears has been added to over 1 million circles on Google+. Google+ has been know to have a lot of Tech people and therefore growth has been slow among teens and young adults. With stars like Lady Gaga coming. Things are set to change, after all it was celebrities who drove up the popularity of other social networks. Starting from earlier social networks like 'MySpace'. Myspace has as of now been lost in Cyber Space but the batter between Facebook and Google+ has been heating up. This is why when celebrities like Lady Gaga arrive things usually change a little bit. A few days more and we can gauge the attention this star brings to Google+. You can add Lady Gaga on Google+ circles here

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lady Gaga Cute Pics

CUTE GAGA is now trending on Twitter and it is because of a new video, where Gaga does not appear as a man or in some out of this world space type costume. Gone are the glasses and the alien look. All replaced now with a very feminine lady surrounded by fairies. The new video tries to bring out the side of Gaga that up until now has been missing. About the video Lady Gaga tweeted.

In collaboration with INEZ+VINOODH. The first in a series. Little Monsters, here's "You and I: NYMPH"

These are fashion films she says in another tweet and there are five of them. The remaining four will be released in the next three hours. Here are some screen shots from the video. 

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gaga fans showing how dedicated they are on Monsters Only Twitter Trend

All the little monsters are at it again on Twitter. The Twitter Trend 'Monsters Only' is now trending worldwide at the number 4 spot. The TT is a simple one with all the Lady Gaga fans shouting out what they are monsters are capable of doing because of their love and devotion towards Mother Monster. Here are some of the things are fans are saying.

MONSTERS ONLY can feel the pain @ladygaga has went through & appreciate everything she has sacrificed in giving us! <3
MONSTERS ONLY know, that if everyone on this planet would think and act just like us and @ladygaga, we would live on a better place!
Ugh! I wish Twitter was MONSTERS ONLY!
Monsters only love the fact that we were born this way!!!!!!!!!!! xD

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Lady Gaga Social Profile

Decided to do a quick post on Lady Gaga's social profile. Why, you might ask, well, take a look at all the numbers in terms of views on YouTube, number of people who like her FB page and her followers on Twitter and things will start to add up. Her Facebook page says "23,831,380 People Like This", her Twitter profile shows 7,194,258 followers and her YouTube official channel has 43,509,864 views. Her song 'Bad Romance' was the highest viewed YouTube video until Justin Bieber came along with 'Baby', Bad Romance has about 311,429,534 views, that is three hundred and eleven million views. Her song 'Alejandro' has now reached the top 20 slot of all time most viewed videos on YouTube. 

She is also known as 'Mother Monster' by her fans who are known as little monsters. 

Her Facebook update before Thanksgiving. "I'm so thankful for the blessing of my fans. My family+I are thankful for u. For those lonely today, we set an extra place at our table. ♥"

You might also like to visit her official site here. Oh and before we forget be sure to check out Lady Gaga on MySpace

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lady Gaga Queen of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

This phenomena is really catching up. I wonder if someone can explain this whole thing, people follow her everywhere in YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Seems like people just cannot get enough of Lady Gaga. She is undoubted the queen of social media. Her songs have simple tunes, easily get stuck in the head. Dance moves are also so simple they might surprise you. Yet it is her simplicity and the truth of the whole thing that can set fire to her image. She is the most followed person in Social media on this planet.

After becoming the queen of Twitter beating Brittney Spears and crossing the 5 million followers mark, she sent out a message to all her followers. 

Lady Gaga on Twitter now has 5,731,051 Followers
Lady Gaga on Facebook has 16,383,771 Fans
Lady Gaga's Song Bad Romance is the most viewed video on YouTube with over 2 billion views.

Lady gaga's messages to all her Twitter fans who made her queen.

[Image courtesy Lady Gaga]

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