Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gaga fans showing how dedicated they are on Monsters Only Twitter Trend

All the little monsters are at it again on Twitter. The Twitter Trend 'Monsters Only' is now trending worldwide at the number 4 spot. The TT is a simple one with all the Lady Gaga fans shouting out what they are monsters are capable of doing because of their love and devotion towards Mother Monster. Here are some of the things are fans are saying.

MONSTERS ONLY can feel the pain @ladygaga has went through & appreciate everything she has sacrificed in giving us! <3
MONSTERS ONLY know, that if everyone on this planet would think and act just like us and @ladygaga, we would live on a better place!
Ugh! I wish Twitter was MONSTERS ONLY!
Monsters only love the fact that we were born this way!!!!!!!!!!! xD

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