Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lady Gaga Queen of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

This phenomena is really catching up. I wonder if someone can explain this whole thing, people follow her everywhere in YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Seems like people just cannot get enough of Lady Gaga. She is undoubted the queen of social media. Her songs have simple tunes, easily get stuck in the head. Dance moves are also so simple they might surprise you. Yet it is her simplicity and the truth of the whole thing that can set fire to her image. She is the most followed person in Social media on this planet.

After becoming the queen of Twitter beating Brittney Spears and crossing the 5 million followers mark, she sent out a message to all her followers. 

Lady Gaga on Twitter now has 5,731,051 Followers
Lady Gaga on Facebook has 16,383,771 Fans
Lady Gaga's Song Bad Romance is the most viewed video on YouTube with over 2 billion views.

Lady gaga's messages to all her Twitter fans who made her queen.

[Image courtesy Lady Gaga]

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