Monday, December 27, 2010

FarmVille new Year Items

Limited Edition New Years Items:
New Year Horse – 22 Farm Cash
Party House – 25 Farm Cash
Gold Party Dress – 10 Farm Cash
Purple Party Dress – 10 Farm Cash
Silver Party Dress – 10 Farm Cash
Silver Tuxedo – 10 Farm Cash
New Year Band – 20 Farm Cash
Cider Fountain – 15 Farm Cash
Happy New Year – 4,800 Coins
Black Tiara – 5 Farm Cash
Silver Tiara – 5 Farm Cash
Black Top Hat – 5 Farm Cash
Silver Top Hat – 5 Farm Cash
Confetti Tree – 5 Farm Cash

Mystery Game:

A new Mystery Game is now available in the Market!

There is a new animal, building, and a set of new decorations available to purchase, and we have all of the information about these new items here for your browsing pleasure.

All together, these items are mostly Farm Cash items that will set you back a pretty penny (or virtual Farm Cash) if you choose to purchase them all, but there is one item for those that would rather stay clear of spending premium currency. Meet us behind the break to find out what it is.

First off, the new animal is the New Year Horse, which should look familiar, as we brought you a Sneak Peek of this (and many other items in this release) last week. The New Year Horse costs 22 Farm Cash, and comes outfitted with a cute Top Hat, noise maker, and New Years Sash. If purchased, you can harvest from your New Year Horse once every three days, to receive 140 coins each time. Of course, you'll also be able to place the New Year Horse in your Horse Stable, offering the potential to receive a New Year Foal (with matching top hat and sash).

Moving on, the new building is the animated Party House. This building costs 25 Farm Cash, and is a brightly decorated building with pulsing lights shooting from the windows, two rotating spotlights from the roof of the home, and four clusters of balloons perched at the home's corners. Sure, it might be a tad expensive, considering that it is just a decorative building, but the sheer quality of the animation seems to make it worth the price.

Finally, there are three decorations that are now available to purchase, two of which are Farm Cash-only. These items are the Cider Fountain and the New Year Band. The Cider Fountain is another animated item, which consists of a large tower of glasses over which Cider is pouring down, into a large trough at the bottom. It costs 15 Farm Cash to add to your farm. The New Year Band costs 20 Farm Cash, and is a truly clever item, consisting of a three piece band, instruments, stage equipment and lighting, with the band being made up of a Chicken drummer, a Duck guitarist, and a sheep playing the keyboard. How cute!

The other decoration is a simple stationary Happy New Year sign that costs just 4,800 coins to add to your land. Even if you don't want to spend the Farm Cash on these other items, this sign will allow you to still celebrate the holiday in fashion. You'll gain 48 experience points for purchasing the sign, which will only be available for the next 5 days.

All other items will be available for the next 13 days, so keep these separate time limits in mind when deciding which items to purchase. You wouldn't want to miss out on collecting any of these neat items, now would you?


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